Application Security Analyst

Analyst Security Operations Center
March 21, 2016
Network Security Analyst
March 22, 2016

We are currently seeking experienced application security analysts for full-time position based out in Noida, India to perform penetration testing or code reviews for enterprise applications for our clients across the globe. Below are profile related requirements:

Education: Bachelors/Masters in Computer Engineering

Experience: 2-5 years

Required Skills:

  1. In-depth knowledge of secure-SDLC and OWASP resources
  2. Proficient in conducting manual application penetration testing
  3. Excellent understanding about WAF and bypassing mechanisms
  4. Should have experience in conducting manual application security code reviews
  5. Should also have worked on code review engines like Fortify, CheckMarx, etc.
  6. Should have understanding of performing threat modeling
  7. Should have hands-on experience with atleast one programming language from PHP, ASP .Net, Java, Python, Ruby, Java-scripting
  8. Should have experience in conducting mobile application security testing for Android or IOS platforms
  9. Excellent english writing skills to generate detailed and convincing reports
  10. Excellent presentation skills to be able to offer consulting or assistance to the developers, IT teams
  11. Ability to meet project deadlines with excellent project handling skills

Location: Noida, India