Wireless Security Testing

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December 9, 2013
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December 9, 2013

In today’s world of mobility, businesses can’t avoid wireless connectivity from their overall IT infrastructure. Wireless connectivity pose a significant risk to the organization as the attacker need not to be physically present within the company’s premises to carry out the attacks. Wireless attacks can be conducted by a malicious user from the parking or visitors area of the company without even getting noticed. Insecure wireless network is as insecure as extending out an active LAN cable outside of office premise.

With several wireless hacking tools, guides and videos freely available over the internet, attacking a corporate network through wireless channel is a matter of few minutes even for any novice attacker. Torrid Networks’s wireless security methodology assess the security of wireless networks and its compliance with the security standards.



With the help of scanning for wireless access point, configuration reviews and technical penetration testing, we make sure that the wireless networks are meeting the security compliance mandates. While going through the wireless penetration testing, we simulate as a hacker and make an attempt to identify and then penetrate through the weaknesses in wireless systems. Our Wireless Security Testing presents a detailed overview of wireless network security by performing the through evaluations via policy review, wireless security testing and architecture evaluation.


1. Management Report

A high-level executive summary report highlighting the key risk areas and the impact from successful exploitation of vulnerabilities

2. Technical Vulnerability Report

A detailed report about security issues discovered, CVE, Bugtraq and vendor references for these, recommendation to address these issues.

3. Best Practices Document

Guidelines based on industry standards and regulations for compliance with IT standards and best practices.