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December 21, 2013
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December 23, 2013

Torrid Networks is specialized in performing comprehensive application security testing for the web applications. Our application security services are designed to be most efficient and wholesome so as to suit the customized needs of your organization. Our world-class team of security consultants have developed highly effective methodology and tools that enable us to quickly assess and identify security problems and issues in web applications. Torrid Networks’ application security assessment methodology has been prepared in reference with industry standards and guidelines (Microsoft Security Development Life cycle, OWASP, OSSTMM et al.) to bring the immediate value for clients.

Our application security testing services uncovers design and logic flaws within the applications that could result in the compromise or unauthorized access of your networks, systems, applications or information. We perform application security testing to identify and investigate the extent and criticality of vulnerabilities found in applications, including front-end and back-end systems.

Torrid Networks’ Application Security Testing Approach

Our web application security services provide a complete view of the risk being posed to the business due to the application vulnerabilities. Application security audit is conducted with the help of automated scanners, custom scripts followed by in-depth manual security testing against the application. We follow 80/20 rule while performing application security testing and carry out nearly 80% of the security testing manually and use automated tools for preliminary testing only. Manual security testing of application helps us discover all sort of complex technical and logical application vulnerabilities which otherwise are generally missed upon by automated application security scanners. Torrid Networks approach towards application security auditing is as follows:

  • Information Gathering
  • Application Fingerprinting
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in the application
  • Vulnerability validation and building test cases
  • Exploiting the vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations and Reporting


Web application penetration testing is done with different approaches as per the business need:

  1. Black-box Testing: Testing the application without the knowledge on the application. This testing process involves simulating the attack as a normal user without having access to the source code.
  2. Grey-Box Testing: Testing the application with limited knowledge on the application. This testing process involves simulating the attack with the use of user credentials or limited access to the application.


  • Identify design flaws and improve the security of your application at the development level.
  • Determine if client software may be manipulated to provide unauthorized access.
  • Identifies specific risks to the organization and provides detailed recommendations to mitigate them.
  • Supports user confidence in application security.
  • Helps prevent application downtime and improve productivity.
  • Protect your organization’s information assets and reputation.

Application Security Audit Deliverable

1. Management Report:

A high-level executive summary report highlighting the key risk areas to help the leadership taking informed decision

2. Technical Vulnerability Report

A detailed report about security issues discovered, CVE, Bugtraq and vendor references for these, recommendations to address the issues.

3. Best Practices Document

Guidelines based on industry standards and regulations for compliance with IT standards and best practices