Network Access Control

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December 11, 2013
Threat Modeling
December 12, 2013

Network Access Control is a comprehensive approach towards achieving the enhanced computer network security. It helps to avert from security threats such as host intrusion, threat vulnerability and antivirus threats.

There are organizations that are employing ‘Bring Your Own Device’ culture (BYOD) has numerous benefits such as it boosts the employee productivity and satisfaction. However, BYOD creates some security challenges such as managing heterogeneous devices, potential of introducing malware and some other potentially rogue applications into the corporate network.

What We Deliver

Torrid Networks puts control on the network access to ensure the productive, secure, and a compliant computing environment.

Trust and Compliance

With the help of the market leading technologies, Torrid networks enable organizations to attain the controlled network access and endeavors to deliver the continuous monitoring for both the Bring Your Own Device or other corporate sanctioned mobile endpoints.

Moreover, it helps organizations in preventing the malicious attacks from malware and other security threats, else it can leave your organization vulnerable from data loss and other attacks.

Advantages that Torrid Networks Offer

By approaching our security experts, you can attain following unique advantages including,

  • Security Integration: Complete security integration with your wireless or wired network. We follow the ‘Dissolved Agent’ technology that helps for having the seamless networking monitoring support.
  • Real-time Control: Real-time control mechanism for managed and unmanaged assets on the network.
  • Customized Services: Customized deployment options such as software, applications and other managed services.

Integrated Support for Network Access

Torrid helps organizations in mitigating the network security challenges that brings with the BYOD culture. We provide the mobile access strategy on the corporate network with the help of,

  • Device Identification: It identifies the iOS, Android and other mobile devices that connect to the corporate network.
  • Authentication and Device Categorization: It helps to get the authentication of mobile devices and categorize these mobile devices into specific security zones to ensure the security of corporate networks.

Threat Prevention: The appropriate threat prevention through the automated detection of non-compliant devices and it can help to have the proper vulnerability assessment for the potentially infectious and malicious behavior of the malware