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December 9, 2013
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December 9, 2013

ISO 27001 Implementation: Achieving Security for Information Assets

Information is a precious asset for an organization that can help you run the business successfully. If properly managed, you can operate the business in full integrity and confidence. Information management lets you grow and innovate in your business operations.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the top-known standard and necessitate the implementation of a robust information security management system. By using this standard, you can make secure the key business information such as intellectual property, financial information, or employee details. It deals with employing the risk management process with people, processes and IT systems.

Our Methodology

Each business has the different type and kind of data to be managed and thereby it also varies with the security risks involved in it.

Each organization is in different stages and therefore the need for security management also differs. Torrid Networks has come-up with the customized services to fulfill the different information security needs of different organizations.

Our ISO 27001 package implementation helps including the products and services according to the needs in the business. We lend you a helping hand in cutting the cost involved for unnecessary products or services. Our IT security professionals help you designing the ISO/IEC 27001 Project Plan. By installing this information security standard plan, we can ensure you that security becomes the priority.

We help address all the security management issues that you should understand to ensure that your business’s assets are secure while dealing with the business risks and compliance.

We keep you updated on standard accreditation. Torrid Networks security specialists help you in each aspect for information security management system design, deployment, system monitoring and reviewing.

At Torrid Networks, you can also get the training for the effective implementation of the management system that helps you to enhance the confidence among stakeholders security of the information assets.

Top Tips for Effective Implementation of ISO/IEC 27001

  1. Get support from senior management.
  2. Engage your business with proper internal communication.
  3. Compare the present information security system with ISO 27001 requirements.
  4. Get feedback from customers and suppliers on the existing information security.
  5. Set up an implementation team to achieve the pre-defined results.
  6. Share responsibilities, roles and timescales.
  7. Accustom your business activities with the ISO 27001 standard.
  8. Motivate staff involvement and share ISO 27001 knowledge among staff members.
  9. Review your ISO 27001 system to ensure that it fulfills all the security needs in your business.

Why Choose Torrid Networks

We help organizations ranging from top global brands to small & medium enterprises to gain a cutting edge over their competitors.

We are one of those organizations who understand security standards and assess, devise, implement and monitor the security systems for your business need.