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December 7, 2013
December 7, 2013

Information Security in Software Development

The key problem for breach of Information Security needs to consider whether the software is developed with the proper implementation of Information Security during its development phase. If the developer is not properly educated about the information security. The software security depends upon the processes or technologies chosen and its accountability can be ascribed to those who have developed it.


  1. Vulnerabilities that may arise in the software development can be cut down, if the software developer is properly educated how to employ the information security into it.
  2. It’s not all about focusing the coding part but it requires to consider other security aspects from its start and it must check out all the nuances during the development of a software/ application.
  3. Why treating the security as add-on does not work and how a developer can be educated effectively for the implementation of information security.

Leading Industry Practices

McGraw has coined the concept of ‘touch points’ in software security. It enables the way to put security into software development. Security Development Lifecycle is the concept which is adopted mostly by the organizations during the development of a software.

During the software development stage, the focus is on the developer for different scenarios such as malicious data, buffer overflows, misuse of application, etc. It aims to identify where the developer is lacking in information security.

Software development organizations also tend to focus on the security requirements. It helps a developer

Top Best Practices

Here are top ten best practices that software development firms are focusing upon.

  1. Protect the brand from cybercrime and hacking so that customers can trust upon it.
  2. Know your business. It helps to put the customized security solutions for your business. Security can be apprehended through two ways either it helps to boost the business or proves as its impediment.
  3. Before developing the software, it is essential to understand the technology so that a developer can implement the security to ensure that the software is properly shielded from security.
  4. Must know the basics of software security
  5. Ensure Compliance to security regulations and privacy.
  6. Design, develop and deploy software with the security features enabled in it.
  7. Educate software/ application developers for building the secure software.

How We Assist You

At Torrid Networks, we carry out the complete Risk analysis that defines how the security breach can affect the business. Our security professionals help you understand where the security implementation is essential.

We also carry out the Code review, it aims to find out the bugs during coding other stages of software development. Our security professionals tend to educating people for security needs during development of a software.