Network Security Analyst

Application Security Analyst
March 21, 2016
Torrid Networks Researchers Listed In MSRC Top 100 List
August 23, 2016

Join our network security team to work on exciting and challenging projects of the trade. This full-time position is based out in Noida, India. Below are profile related requirements:

Education: Bachelors/Masters in Computer Engineering

Experience: 2-5 years

Required Skills:

  1. Should have experience in conducting penetration testing of large networks
  2. Should have pen-testing banking or telecommunication networks
  3. Thorough understanding about network protocols, RFCs and network services
  4. Experience with python and Linux is a must
  5. Should have thorough understanding about vulnerabilities, shellcoding, DEP, ASLR, ROP, PE/ELF header etc.
  6. Ability to hack the unhackable by writing custom scripts on-the-fly and utilizing darknet
  7. Ability to work under pressure and meet project deadlines
  8. Excellent team player with eagerness to share the knowledge with peers
  9. Strong English writing skills to write detailed and convincing reports
  10. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills to present findings and recommendations to client’s senior management, business stakeholders, security team members, and IT resources
  11. Contribute to the ongoing design and maintenance of network infrastructure, systems and software for vulnerability assessment services

Location: Noida, India