IS Strategy

ISO 27001 Implementation
December 9, 2013
December 9, 2013

IS Strategy: Effective Implementation of Information Security

The majority of organizations in today’s world understands the importance of keeping information secure for running their business successfully. The way how the information is managed and protected defines the impact on product/ service delivery to end customers. Information assets must be kept protected from illicit use, disclosure and its damage. Moreover, it must be available when it is in need especially during the crisis situation and emergencies.

Our Methodology

Our information security professionals realize the interlinking of information security system and risk control mechanism. When it is to implement the information security management or just improving one of its function, it is worth to look upon planning actions for short and long term activities.

In order to get the effective implementation of the IS strategy, we have come forth to offer a procedural approach to incorporate the concept of information security management into your business.

1)      Implement Baseline Controls

It is vital to get the solid foundation else other things will fall down. At Torrid Networks, we make all the efforts to handle the serious security issues. Keep management informed to raise the awareness for the significance of information security.

2)      Analyze the Security Risks

We preferably use the standard information security assessment method. We have the information security experts who can analyze the worrisome aspects.

We believe in delivering the high-end information security for your business and also give the current posture of security measures.

3)      Prepare Business to Enhance the Control

We use the background data for thorough risk assessment including actual security breaches. Prioritize the control improvements that accords to the net benefits such as the ‘cheap’ controls should be included, but also choose the more expensive controls if they can address multiple risks.

4)      Initiate the Implementation of Security Program

By taking the business case, we start the proper implementation of the information security program so that being an business entrepreneur, you can handle the specific security issues.

5)      Deliver the Program

The security improvement program must be competently managed including the aspects such as high quality deliverables, budgetary controls and measured progress.

Leading Practices

There is no specific timescale for the IT strategy implementation as organizations differ in inclination for change. A big organization may take several months or years to implement the IS strategy however an agile organization might respond promptly to get the implementation and run business with secure information assets.

Companies in today’s age are seeking ahead to get the infromation assets secure and in this line, Torrid Networks has come forth to offer the successful implementation of IS Strategy for your organization.