Security Operations Center

Computer News Middle East Features Torrid Networks on Rising Cybercrime in UAE
January 16, 2016
Business Development Manager
January 21, 2016

Security operations center (SOC) deals with the tasks of monitoring, evaluation and protection of an enterprise information systems including websites, networks, data centers, applications, databases, desktops, servers and other endpoints.

A SOC helps in providing the situational awareness for the detection and remediation of IT threats. The security operations center manages the incidents for an organization and ensure it that all the threats are accurately identified, analyzed, defended and reported. It also monitors the applications that helps to discover the possible intrusion or attack and identify, if it is the malicious threat and it could affect the business processes & procedures.

Our managed security services provide the expert consultation and unlimited remediation support from security experts at Torrid Networks. The Security Analysts at Torrid work closely in a true team environment that facilitate organizations to identify and get the quick response for the security incidents.

Our information security operations center is enabled to get the real-time analysis that ensures for the 24x7x365 service delivery for continuous monitoring of an organization’s information systems. Our SOC’s is controlled from high grade facilities that ensures to maintain the service delivery.

The Torrid networks Security Operations Centers have the well-trained and experienced security professionals. Our Security Analysts have the fine network security experience and they leverage it to analyze and monitor the security activity in an organization’s information system.