Third Party Audits

License Audits
December 9, 2013
Data Center Security Audit
December 9, 2013

Various software applications have evidenced with severe data security breaches and customers are therefore urging for independent software audit to ensure that the product they purchase is protected from probable vulnerabilities.

Establishing a high quality security review is quite challenging task that cannot be accomplished through internal audit. Third party auditing is often employed to enforce regulation or to verify the quality business processes. Independent audits can do the work efficiently and in the correct manner without any biases.

Tackle Non-compliance Issues

Software Versions: The software license agreement vary in terms and conditions. There are several software companies that allow the end users to use the older versions of its software application and other do not. It is a myth that you can deploy the older version of the software however, in real it needs to get the license for use of a software.

Maintain Business Records: The maintenance of business records needs to keep updated and it can be accomplished only by purchasing the license of the software you are using for documentation purpose.

If you found running software or other applications out of compliance, you have to pay the charges for licensing fee. For example, If the licensing fee is $300 for one license and you are using it in multiple computer systems, you have to pay it for each computer.

If you are looking to avert from this huge penalties, you simply need to approach an independent audit agency to make the audit for compliance of software applications

How We Help

Torrid Networks enables enterprises to perform the security audits with an organization’s software acceptance process. Our professional security auditors inspect the application up to a level to ensure that all security threats have been detected.

Standards-Based Verification & Validation Procedure

We provide an independent and trusted audit services and ensure the organizations to provide the security testing that involves the non-biased reporting to meet the formal regulatory compliance and internal security best practices.

Now, here is a simple, quick and affordable way to show your prospects for independent verification of application security. Through our automated security testing, we provide the cloud based audit services to verify about the application security posture and it helps organizations to intensify the security and make the application secure from probable security threats.

Best Practices

1)      Know the Standard

It needs to know about the standard to which you are comparing the business processes.

2)      Get Close

  • Observe the source for first hand observation
  • Touch the actual procedure
  • See the field observation, take a picture

3)      Search for Loopholes: Look for everything which is not up to the mark. Consult with experts for what should be correct and how it can be implemented.