Defense and Security Establishments
December 7, 2013
December 7, 2013

Information security challenges are at par in the BFSI industry. Towards building an enhanced security strategy, most organizations in the domain aim to implement a robust data security framework that help mitigating the security risks in both the reactive and proactive manner.


  1. The growing use of mobile channels has increased the intensity of external threats
  2. Business requirements of online and value added services increase the threat surface area
  3. Engagement with various third parties adds more to the business risk
  4. Frauds are getting more sophisticated and difficult to monitor and investigate

Why Us

With years of experience of providing high-end information security services to the organizations in the BFSI domain, we fully understand the business challenges, trends and regulatory/compliance requirements. Our information security framework for BFSI helps the organizations aligning the IS strategy with the business  more effectively and efficiently.

Employee awareness programs play equally important role in BFSI sector. Along with securing the overall digital assets, we also conduct BFSI specific security awareness training sessions and keep the professionals aware about the information security threats, risks, and privacy issues to ensure that they can safely serve their customers. Such training programs are delivered in various models including class room, virtual and e-learning.