December 7, 2013
December 7, 2013

Information Security for Manufacturing Companies

Irrespective to ongoing economic troubles, the manufacturing sector is going through the boom phase. Companies engaged in this industry are manufacturing the goods and services with the high speed. There is growing need in the manufacturing sector. People always looking forward to purchase the products through their internet store which is then shipped right to their office or home address.


Manufacturing sector employs the big workforce and one of the major challenges that a manufacturing enterprise has to face is to keep IT system secure and to guard the customer information.

  1. Businesses with an online presence are susceptible to the risk of hackers. It also needs to protect from website defacements, denial of service, identity theft with the help of robust IT security infrastructure.
  2. The processing, and storage of card information is regular during the course of business. It is therefore essential to make secure this personal customer information.
  3. In case of security breach, it needs to ensure that information can be stored for further scrutiny.

Manufacturers have the tough challenges in hand to deal with these challenges. Manufacturers also need to comply with the PCI DSS standards to make secure the transactions online.

Business Trends & Practices

Manufacturers in the line to explore more avenues for business expansion are also attracting the risks. The information security systems of manufacturing companies are always on target to theft the key data that can disrupt the business activities. Cyber criminals usually aim to damage the brand reputation with the intellectual property theft.

Manufacturing companies have now recognized the significance of information security and they are looking for feasible ways to deal with the security concerns. Firms have started believing that privacy is the primary concern and it helps to build the customer confidence.

Manufacturing Systems Security involves the practices & standards which are meant to avoid any unauthorized access to real time manufacturing processes and operations.

As far as information security is concerned, the process and manufacturing systems are administered by numerous laws and regulations to attain the security of key business data. Manufacturing organizations are nowadays following the high-end manufacturing security systems that can ensure the safety for gas and electric utility, pharmaceutical product safety, equipment safety, chemical processes, control system safety and others.

Numerous risk assessment frameworks have been put in place that can determine the potential information security risks and its consequences. It helps to provide the base for manufacturing system design, its maintenance, and operation to ensure that manufacturing industry is far away from security threats.

Hacking technologies and other related methods can be used to shield the security system. The best way to stay protected is to keep yourself updated with the recent changes and advancements for manufacturing industry security systems.

How Can We Assist You?

At Torrid Networks, we aim to meet the client needs by assisting them in providing the ever-changing security needs. Whether it is to spotting the security measures or devising the ways to tackle the data security threats, we have the team of experienced security professionals to help you out.

We have the well trained information security analysts who can ensure to provide the world-class protection against the invasive attacks on your manufacturing processes.