Cyber Forensics

Code Review, Application Security Assessment For a US Based Intelligence Agency
November 5, 2007

Technology will continue to evolve, making cyber crime an ever present and changing reality, which is not at all avoidable. Simultaneously, there are continued opportunities for illegal activities which can be carried out in a matter of millisecond from remote geographical distance.

Our computer forensics services involve the safeguarding, detection, extraction and documentation of computer evidence stored in the form of magnetically, optically, or electronically stored media.

Our consultants with vast experience and knowledge help the organizations to identify and get valid evidences from the digital fingerprints of fraud cases, identity theft, and embezzlement.

Our Approach

Our consultants can perform both offline and online analyses as per the requirement:

Offline Analysis

An offline analysis can be done when our investigator powers down the computer and removes it from the network. Our investigator creates an exact copy of the computer’s hard drive to ensure that the files remained unchanged, and ensure all evidence is collected.

Online Analysis

An online analysis can be done when there are occasions it is impossible to power down a computer, requiring an online analysis. For instance, management may not permit the shutdown of a company’s only e-commerce server. In this circumstance our investigator will gather as much evidence as possible while the system remains running and connected to a network.

Our approach involves the following steps:

Our computer forensics procedures can be distilled into three major components:

  1. Make a digital copy of the original evidence: Our investigators make a copy of the evidence and work with the copy to reduce the possibility of inadvertently changing the original evidence.
  2. Authenticate that the copy of the evidence: Our investigators will then verify the copy of the evidence is exactly the same as the original.
  3. Analyze the digital copy: The specific procedures performed in an investigation are determined by the specific circumstances under which the investigation is occurring.


  1. Our consultants experience and sound practice in computer forensics will the organizations to ensure the overall integrity and survivability of their network infrastructure and information base.
  2. Understanding the legal and technical aspects of computer forensics will help the organizations to capture vital information if their network is compromised and will prosecute the case if the intruder is caught.


Executive and Technical Report which includes:

  1. Investigation scope and plan
  2. All the findings and technical details of the same
  3. Graphs and charts analyzing the security quotient of the case
  4. Analytical tips for taking care in further development