Identity & Access Management

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December 7, 2013
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December 7, 2013

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become as the key foundation, especially when a business is looking to reap the maximum benefits through the management control, operational efficiency, cost savings, and through the business growth as well. Enterprises who are seeking to manage access to the key information have to make control on the information shared or transmitted across internal and external systems and application.

It is essential to mention that organizations have to provide authorized access to some of its internal and external stakeholders without compromising on exposing the sensitive information.

Our Methodology for Deploying the IAM Solutions

Present business environment requires to adopt the new approaches for keeping the data security up, so that organizations do not have to become the victim of the illegal access of their critical data or information.

In today’s age, the enterprises have the open source where users can get the easy access to data and applications. The traditional ways for securing the data do not work anymore as internal and external stakeholders are accessing the information through advanced data breaching techniques.

At Torrid Networks, we assist organizations in deploying and implementing the comprehensive Identity and Access Management solutions that help organizations to,

  • Enable secure collaboration between partners, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Protect information assets from severe external attacks and insider threats.
  • We provide the Comprehensive, well Proven, Flexible and Innovative solution to manage and organize the identity & access management solutions particularly for your organization’s data security needs.

We tend to focus on areas including,


We help in delivering the right authentication management tasks to assure the authorized access by the users. Our IAM solution provides the way by which a user can gain you can the initial access to a particular application or system.


Authorization deals with an aspect to permit a user to access a particular application. We employ the IAM solution in congruent to the management policies that help to gain access through the role-based access control mechanism.

Torrid Network has the team of experienced security professionals who have the expertise to deal with all the security concerns. We firstly analyze the data security issues and threats existing for your organization and then device the ways that can flawlessly remove the potential threats to attack on organization’s secure network, storage devices and other secure systems and components.