IT Act 2008

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December 9, 2013
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December 9, 2013

IT Act 2008

The advanced digital communication systems and technology have led to the dramatic changes in the tactics we live the life and deal with the day-to-day transactions. Business professionals are using the computers to generate, store and transmit the information/ data through the electronic medium instead of paper documents. It has helped both the businesses and customers to conclude the transactions quickly.

However, there are two hurdles that stand against facilitating the electronic governance and it includes the requirements of for the legal recognition. In order to facilitate the e-commerce tactfully, the need for legal transformation has become necessary.

What Actually the IT Act, 2008 Means

The IT Act, 2008 deals with the authentication of electronic records. It subjects

  • To the provision that the subscriber can authenticate the electronic record by using his Digital Signature.
  • The verification of electronic record can be effected by irregularity in the crypto system that transform the first electronic record into another electronic record.

This IT Act mentions that if any organization is inattentive for implementation of reasonable information security procedure, it would become liable to compensate the damages to the affected party.

By ‘Reasonable Security’, it means to adopt the practices and procedures to shield the sensitive information from its illegal access. This act tends to explain the criticality involved in keeping the sensitive data.

It also helps to deal with the legal recognition of electronic records such as digital signatures.

How Torrid Works

Earlier there was ambiguity existing over data security. With this new Amended IT Act, the government has necessitated the aspect to keep the corporate data and information in a secure manner. It has now become an obligation on companies to comply with the requirements of data security under the IT Act, 2008.

Torrid Networks has the expertise and assist organizations to keep themselves protected from data security concerns. We follow the industry accepted standards and guidelines to comply with the security procedures and practices to handle the sensitive information from any illegal access, disclosure and its modification.