Red Team Assessment

ATM Security Testing
January 6, 2017
Network Compromise Assessment
January 6, 2017
With a surge in sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks across the globe, red team assessments have become important part of organization's information security strategy. We prepare a multi-pronged and holistic attack strategy to assess the state of your information security from a real-world hacker's perspective and prepare a comprehensive report on both strategic and tactical levels which can be utilized to safeguard the business from cyber attacks.

We Challenge

  • Open source intelligence footprints
  • Staff awareness towards social engineering
  • Defense and countermeasure mechanisms
  • Detection and incident response capabilities
  • Disaster management processes and procedures

Red Team

Red team is performed with no prior knowledge about the targets, launches sophisticated and covert targeted attacks to identify the threats from a real business adversary. Whereas, penetration tests are performed against the predefined targets, often time bound with limited scope under controlled environment, to determine the underlying security vulnerabilities.

Attack Surface

Our red team assessments offer complete coverage to identify the real-world threats and critical flaws against organizations' information assets including its staff. Attack surface area of red team assessment is however mutually decided before commencing the engagement in order to align the goals and objectives of the assessment with the business priorities.
  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Dark Web Intelligence

  • System and Network Attacks

  • Wireless Attacks

  • Application Attacks

  • Social Engineering

  • Spear Phishing

  • Smishing

  • Rogue USB/CDs

  • DoS/DDoS

  • Lateral Movement

  • Physical Security

Our Approach

Why Torrid Networks?

  • Over 11 years of experience of working with enterprises, governments and counter-hacking national security teams
  • Performed over 12000 assessment providing complete understanding on cyber defense layers
  • Investigated high-profile cross-border cyber attacks to understand and act like a real-world adversary
  • No Meterpreter, no Beacon, everything is privately developed with no public signature whatsoever
  • Proprietary OSINT product to perform vast and fast reconnaissance
  • Custom developed 0-day and 1-day exploits to bypass your security controls
  • Sophisticated privately developed metamorphic APT with an ability to punch holes in your defense mechanisms
  • Specialized AV and Sandbox evasion expertise to even bypass machine learning and behavior analysis systems
  • No email flooding, no spamming, only precise and highly personalized spear phishing with at times 100% compromise rate

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