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December 7, 2013
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December 9, 2013

Information Security Policies & Procedures

Framing a security policy requires a thorough work to ensure the complete information security for your organization. Policies & Procedures constitute an integral part for an information security program. The IT security professionals not only provide the accountability and other policy elements are also required by specific regulations and standards.

While devising the IT policies & procedures, it is essentials to mention that all the departments must go together to make sure that it fulfills all the IT needs of each department in the organization.

Our Methodology

At Torrid Networks, our IT security experts help you in writing, implementing and maintaining the information security policies. We take time to know about the organization environment, culture, and information security policy requirements for your organization.

While structuring the IT security policies, it is essential to mention that it should be enforceable, reasonable and auditable. We have the expertise to formulate the ‘corporate information security policies’ which are different from those which are formulated for a specific area or technology.

We frame the IT security policy framework that can deal with the basic issues including,

  1. What is the security risk position of the organization?
  2. Is the current security policy supporting towards the security aspects in an organization?
  3. How can a security policy can be altered to contribute value for your organization?
  4. Will the present security policy helps to accomplish the long-term business objectives?

Best Practices and Guidelines

Depends upon the information security requirements, the IT policies are formulated for particular field including,

  1. Access control
  2. Acceptable use
  3. Application or software development
  4. Data retention and disposal
  5. Acceptable hardware
  6. Encryption
  7. Physical security
  8. Risk assessment
  9. Wireless systems
  10. Mobile devices
  11. Data classification
  12. Firewalls and routers
  13. Software installation

And, many others.

The comprehensive methods and rules should be defined. Standards identify the requirements and procedures explain how to implement the specific IT policies.

Information Security Policy Maintenance

The information security policy document needs to be implemented effectively and it must not just a document to be shown to the auditors. A security policy should be a document that can referred to resolve the key data or information issues in an organization.

It also requires the proper maintenance of the security policy in regular manner and all employees must be trained as per the security guidelines suggest in it.

Delivery Report

When you have decided to hire the Torrid Networks’s security professionals to help you devising the security policy for your organization, we are determined to provide you the security architecture as per the organization’s strategy, goals and objectives along with the technical security components taking into consideration.