Website Security

Security Code Review
December 12, 2013
Thick-Client Security
December 18, 2013

Having a business website is a great idea and securing it is even more so. Even a smallest website built with a single web page is required to be properly secured as it represents the business to the external world. Website defacement could lead to a huge reputation loss for the business and brings unwanted embarrassment to the stakeholders. So here arises the need of website security.

Security of government websites is more critical as any security breach could lead to loss of confidence in the citizens for the administration. Furthermore, series of investigations and justifications post-hacking could be frustrating events for the webmaster. Websites those collect visitors’ data via contact forms or interact with the visitors otherwise are even more critical from the security standpoint as it could also lead to disclosure of visitor’s information is a security breach is successful.

In the past, we have observed few most common security issues with the public websites as highlighted below:

  1. Server Mis-configurations
  2. Cross Site Scripting
  3. SQL Injection
  4. Improper Error Handling

We carry over a decade of experience in the information security domain and have flawlessly executed website security testing assignments against 5000+ websites in the past, which helps us derive the right solutions for the businesses to safeguard its public websites.

Contact us today for a no obligation guidance on how to protect your public website. Read our article published in a prominent IT magazine on 10 ways to secure your website.