Secure SDLC

Risk Assessment
December 9, 2013
ISO 27001 Implementation
December 9, 2013

Secure SDLC (S-SDLC)

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle is a process used for developing a software product. It is a pre-determined method used to construct the software applications. The majority of organizations puts a process for developing a software and this process can be customized according to the organization’s requirement for software development.

Our Methodology

At Torrid Networks, we believe that having implemented the secure SDLC (S-SDLC), it is essential to understand about the SDLC cycle as described below in a graphical representation.

We have the experienced security consultants who tend to focus on S-SDLC. It involves integrating the security into the SDLC process. We stress to put security aspects in each phase of SDLC.

Starting from the requirements stage, we deploy the security activities in each stage.

  • Requirements Gathering
    • Security Requirements
    • Risk Assessment
    • Setting up Phase Gates
    • Design
      • Identify Design Requirements from security point of view
      • Architecture & Design Reviews
      • Threat Modeling
      • Coding
        • Perform Static Analysis
        • Coding Best Practices
        • Testing
          • Fuzzing
          • Vulnerability Assessment
          • Deployment
            • Network Configuration Review
            • Server Configuration Review

Developing Supporting Policies

In order to implement secure SDLC process, we make updates in the present security policies ans in some cases, we also create the new policies, if it’s missing out.

Monitoring the Success

It is vital to understand the present situation of S-SDLC program, evaluate it and make the necessary adjustments according to the need. It can become possible only when it is monitored against the pre-specified parameters.

We evaluate the success of our program that helps us to measure with benchmarks and it facilitates to identify the future course of action.

Current Trend

Incorporating the security into the SDLC cycle is the ongoing trend so that the software/ application which is developed by an organization must be secure enough so that it does not get any security breaches that may prove fatal to a company.

Companies nowadays are looking to identify the issues with the proper security evaluation of the applications after the development has been completed. This aspect of Testing – Patching – Retesting seems costlier.

It can be avoided by addressing the security issues during each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle.

What We Do

Are you looking to make your software development part integrated with the effective implementation of information security?

We have the expert that facilitates the organizations to infuse the security aspects in SDLC cycle. It helps you to develop the software/ applications that conform to the information security management system.