December 7, 2013
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December 7, 2013

Energy Company IT Security Solutions

Energy sector constitutes a big part in the global economy and therefore, it has the bigger chances for security risks. Energy companies are at the highest risk of cyber crime. It is considered as the highly vulnerable. As the supply chain in this sector involves multiple parties and in this scenario, securely accessing the data has become a challenging task for the IT staff.

Not only the external threats, it can an insider threat. A disgruntled employee can go for hacking the network and other important data such as customer account information, employee data and disable physical systems can be quite disastrous for a business enterprise.

If you go with the facts & figures, 67% of companies in the energy sector experienced brute security attacks in comparison to 34% of other businesses in total.

61% of companies in this sector experienced malware attacks in comparison to 13% to other businesses.

Security Challenges for Energy Companies

  1. Operational Complexity: Protecting SCADA Infrastructure, managing remote workers, ensuring WLAN security is essential while supervising the supply chain network.
  2. Lack of Real-time Reporting: Access the real-time information helps to identify the possible network vulnerabilities that in-turn equip the firms with the capability to get the intelligent operational decisions.
  3. Defending the Infrastructure from Rising Threats: It is an essential aspect to ensure that users are provided with the protection from probable network threats.
  4. Employee, Partner, and Other Stakeholders’ Productivity: Reducing and blocking the inappropriate web surfing and spam activities. Giving protection against the security threats help in reducing the downtime and boost the productivity as well.

Trends in Information Security

Organizations in the energy sector are now looking ahead to get the comprehensive threat management security solutions. These enterprises like to equip themselves with the advanced data security arrangements with Powerful firewall technology that provides the security for virus blocking, URL filtering, spyware protection and spam blocking.

Intrusion Prevention Solution is provided with the specific protections for broad-based intrusion prevention with SCADA systems for different types of attack and vulnerability.

The data is transferred to data centers where it is further analyzed for deciding upon the critical operational issues. There are energy companies that employ the Role based access control, it enable users to access information for quick decision making.

Apart from protecting the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) infrastructure, there are some companies that comply with the PCI DSS standard to ensure customers that their card information is in safe hands.

How Torrid Networks Can Help You

Torrid Networks security professionals help you communicate safely via secure VPN connections. We have the experienced staff who is ready to assist you in devising and implementing the appropriate security systems.

We offer the easily upgradable and affordable network security solutions that tend to protect your network.