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December 7, 2013
December 7, 2013

Information Security in BPO Industry

BPO industry processes the large amount of data from different parts of the world. A small breach of the data security pulls adverse publicity and it gets the adverse effect on the reputation of the BPO firm. Just like the banking institutions are on the target of frauds or hacking activities, the BPO industry is always on the high alert by external attacks.

Challenges in BPO Industry

It is quite essential to understand the security posture in IT/ BPO industry. There are severe security challenges for sensitive data that needs to mention hereunder.

  1. Get the better understanding of internal threats and needs to achieve the enhanced ability for handling the data security risks.
  2. Plan, prioritize and manage the internal threat incidents.
  3. Understand the insider threats, finding means to identify the threats and plan the precautionary measures to tackle with these threats.
  4. Recognize the motivational factors that lead to these threats and help staff and HR personnel to thwart these aspects.

Leading Industry Practices

Over the time, the BPO industry in India has gone through the strict regulatory scrutiny that conform to the privacy and data security processes. Data Security Council of India has conducted a survey with CERT to examine the current status of data security practices being followed by the BPO industry.

It helps to gain insights for how this IT/ ITES enabled industry is addressing the issues related to security and privacy of sensitive data with it.

Organizations in this industry have started to focus on the information security to tackle the rising issues related to customers’ or clients’ data. The companies in BPO industry have matured up to a level that they understand and start differentiating the strategic security tasks.

Companies are now looking forward to bridge the gap for security skills. Hiring the service of a third party information security consultants can help you serve the purpose to achieve the specialized security tasks.

What We Do

At Torrid Networks, our data security professionals have the years of expertise to handle any type of data security assessment for the BPO industry. We help firms and employees keep themselves updated with the new threats.

We go through the refined security assessment framework to assess the data security risks and help organizations to implement the high standard data security and privacy program.