SIEM & Log Management

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December 9, 2013
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December 11, 2013

SIEM & Log Management

IT security teams need to identify the unknown and hidden threats with the huge amount of data which is generated in the logs. It also calls upon to get to know when the system activity does not go in congruence with the normal business patterns.

Security event and log data can improve the security by discovering the critical threat areas. Security Information and Event Management combines the security information management (SIM) and security event manager (SEM). The SIEM technology makes available the in-depth analysis of security alerts with the help of hardware and network applications.

SIEM is a software and IT based managed services. These are used to track the security data and generate reports for compliance needs.

What We Do

Torrid Networks provide the ways to strengthen the log intelligence with the help of advanced correlation, trend analysis and visualization of log data to indicate the potentially unauthorized activity. Our log center provides the greater intelligence by combining the suspicious events to configuration data, vulnerability data from the business and user context.

We have the information security experts that help you analyze the system configu­rations for its weak spots and overcome the weak configurations, identifies the system changes, provides additional details related to these changes and explain which changes could threaten the security.

Our IT security experts help you determine, if there is any device that has the attack vulnerabilities such as out-of-date patch. We follow the industry leading security solutions for identifying the risk then then prioritize it for security efforts to shield it from any probable threats.

Our log & event manager tends to deliver the comprehensive SIEM capabilities for your organization. It simplifies and automates the crucial task of security management, continuous compliance, enabling IT advantages and operational troubleshooting that helps to tackle the vital network issues and other security threats.

Log Management Strategy

A strong security program that go through the compliance and audit inspection need to provide the following.

1)      Centrally log the relevant events

  • Events may be filtered or normalized.
  • Events from devices in probable threats need to be collected.

2)      Define the scope of coverage

  • Specify which assets need to include under the purview of the information saecurity compliance regulation.
  • Define the internal networks and assets and are included under the protected network.

3)      Review Logs

  • Watch the events of interest to identify the risk vulnerabilities.
  • Document the Standard Operating Procedure(SOP’s) and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Schedule the reports to assess the key events and errors in security devices.