December 9, 2013
December 9, 2013

HIPAA Act – Keep Healthcare Information Secure

Health information technology engages in the exchange of health information through electronic medium. Employing the health IT widely lead to advance the quality of health care, increase administrative efficiencies, gain access to affordable health care, reduce health care costs, decrease paperwork and prevent medical errors. In order to ensure the privacy and security in exchange of information in the healthcare industry, healthcare providers need to comply with the government regulations including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Torrid Networks Methodology

It has become essential that the security and privacy of electronic health information is protected when it is transmitted electronically.

It needs to put in place the reasonable technical, physical and administrative safeguards and this is the reason, why we are here.

We assist healthcare organizations to;

Evaluate Gaps: Torrid Networks assessment methodology is performed by our experienced and certified IT security professionals who tend to give you the actionable recommendations with the benchmarking standards as mentioned in the HIPAA regulation.

Remediate and Enhance: Our certified HIPAA consultants help organizations in devising the security policy & procedures, tools, and process implementation in an effective way.

Execute and Monitor: We offer the HIPAA compliant Log Management, Security Device Management, Log Monitoring and Vulnerability Management.

Express Compliance: We provide the secure evidence repository, standard reporting for HIPAA compliance related assessments and integrated ticketing with journaling, tracking and assignment.

Best Practices

In current scenario, the healthcare service organizations recognize the importance of sharing the information in the health industry through secure manner.

Common safeguards policies are put in place through a data sharing agreement, business associate agreement, or other contract mechanism that can include the enforcement mechanisms for security breaches.

Health information organization (HIO) is established to put the control mechanism on the exchange network to ensure that it is shielded with the security mechanisms.

How We Work?

We have the experts who assist you to keep running your health care business compliant with HIPAA Act and HITECH Act.

We provide the well proven Security Consulting and Managed Security Services to ensure the compliance with the regulations laid down in the healthcare industry for information exchange. We have the certified security experts who can help you in the encryption of the health information.