December 9, 2013
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December 9, 2013

PCI DSS – Compliance with Data Security Standards in Banking Industry

The PCI Security Standards Council put forth the comprehensive standards to add high layers of security to the payment card data. The basic support is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that provides a framework which helps to develop a strong payment data security process and it involves the detection, prevention and taking the appropriate reaction to security breaches.

Our Methodology

It provides the supporting material that provides the framework of specifications, measurements and tools that help organizations make sure that the card holder sensitive information is safe at every step.

Our data security professionals provide tools that give a hand to organizations to verify their PCI DSS compliance.

We tailor the compliance review according to the clients’ requirements. We follow the 4-phase methodology to meet the clients’ needs. Our data security experts provide an efficient review so that you can focus on your business tasks and we tend to focus on its compliance.

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Phase 1 (Scope)

Since the PCI cousel defines the need for compliance, we first determine the scope of PCI compliance according to your organization’s operations. In order to understand the scope, it needs to answer three important issues including,

a)      Understand the Credit Card Data: It needs to evaluate what type of data you maintain, how it is transmitted in your organization and to third party.

b)      Access: It is important to specify who can access to the systems that handle the sensitive card data.

c)       Evaluate Vendors: You must be aware that who all vendors have the access to the critical business data. Have you assessed the risk involved and precautions undertaken?

Phase 2 (Plan)

We carry out the compliance review via two ways, including

a)      In-House Developed Questionnaires: We provide the in-house developed questionnaires that comply with the PCI DSS requirements.

b)      On-Site Visit: On-site visit is another option to explore the service offerings. We customize the review plan and deliver the document request list and prepare the client for compliance with the data security standards.

Phase 3 (Fieldwork)

We then carry out the walk-through of business processes and on-site interviews that relate to Payments card Industry DSS. We are a consulting firm specializing in IT advisory services. We are efficient enough to provide the professional review to comply with the data security standards.

Phase 4 (Report)

We provide the well defined reports that provide an organization to easily compare the business processes with the PCI DSS requirements. We provide recommendations to management and also show the road map to get rid of deficiencies identified.