Program Development

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August 18, 2012
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May 23, 2013

Security Concerns Involved in Program Development

The best defense is to employ the good defense. Go with the proactive approach for application or program security with the help of end-to-end security program. Protecting the valuable and sensitive information needs an ongoing endeavor and it has become as the essential part of running a business in the secure manner.

How Torrid Network helps You

Torrid Networks help you designing the comprehensive security program. Our security analysts assess your application security infrastructure and the probable threat concerns, establish the framework for the testing process and mechanism for assessing and reporting the results. Once it has been put in place, it helps manage and implementing the security program.

By providing a comprehensive security program, we are here to enhance the security over time. No two organizations can have the same program security scenarios and therefore, we help closely with the IT team for analyzing the program/ application security.

We at Torrid Networks aims to address specific security goals such as,

  • Risk management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Security Development Lifecycle
  • Application penetration testing

Torrid Networks has the integrated team of information security experts who has the wide experience in developing, and implementing the innovative solutions to tackle the critical program security problems. By providing the high-end program testing procedures, we have built a reputation as being trusted and qualified information security partners.

Managing the program/ application risk is the rising concern for the overall risk management in businesses today. Torrid’s Security analysts provide the assurance that the program, application, and software security risks are minimized.

Best Practices

  • Security Program Strategy: It helps to identify how an organization goes further in achieving the overall mission for implementing the program/ application security testing procedures.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Organizations are now heading towards categorizing the individual role of achieving the program security at an organization level.
  • Security Risk Portfolio: It needs to set up a mechanism that can define and prioritize the potentially dangerous probable threat scenarios.
  • Training & Awareness: The training material for program security is helpful to implement the security assurance for an IT team in your organization.