DDoS Testing

December 9, 2013
Wireless Security Testing
December 9, 2013

The number of Distributed Denial of Service and Denial of Service attacks have risen sharply on the internet in the last couple of years. Many organizations understand the importance to address the threats from DDOS (Distributed denial of service) attacks. Service providers are now attempting to prevent, mitigate and monitor all these attacks.

Challenges Against DDOS Attacks

Rapid Scaling of Attacks: The mitigation mechanism specified for the DDOS attacks may seem difficult to maintain. Even when the IT team of an organization blocking the IP address from potential suspect, attackers can easily add the zombie computers to make the attack worse.

Getting more redundant servers also cannot be of more help as the attacker can add the zombie computers with it.

Peer-to-Peer DDOS: The Peer-to-peer attacks can easily be identified with the help of signatures, however tearing down connections can lead to harm to the server. This type of attack can be put off by specifying the P2P protocol whether which ports are allowed.

Differentiate Between the Legitimate and Attack Traffic

It becomes very difficult to decide upon the legitimate traffic apart from the high volume of traffic generated by an attacker.

Run the site ‘offline’ can prove as a major technique for an financial institution to avert from these attacks. However, get it offline make the huge losses to its business during the peak trading hours.

Our Methodology

DDoS attacks brings all the communication to a halt and make the devastating effect on the brand reputation and revenue as well. We at Torrid Networks, provide the DDoS Assured services and you do not need to wait for an attack to happen and security breaches for an important database of your business.

Test Your Mitigation

By using our best expertise, we help you tackle the DDOS attacks. We carry out a real attack in the controlled and secure manner. We test the organization’s ability to identify and act in response to an attack, looking at the security level of websites and servers.

After the proper analysis, we put forth the method by which an organization can counter attack the DDOS attacks.

The DDoS attacks are completely unpredictable and merely implementing the mitigation techniques is not enough to avert from these attacks. We are here to provide the appropriate and complete training what to do what attack happens or when it is suspected.

Best Practices

Automated DoS/DDoS monitoring has become as the standard way to mitigate the attacks. The Internet has matured up to a level that companies have become dependent on it. Service providers and vendors are facing the challenges head-on with the high level of innovation and cooperation involved.

Installing the robust security infrastructure is the need of the day. Regular auditing can prevent errors exposing the infrastructure from these devastating attacks.