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December 7, 2013
December 7, 2013

The rising dependency of people and organizations on the cyberspace can be abused by the non-state actors or anti-social elements to pose serious threats to the economy and national security. It is important for a nation to have a secure and resilient cyberspace to ensure conducive growth for businesses, privacy of its people and security for its government and defense systems. To thwart the ever rising cyber security threats, the traditional approach to rely only on National Computer Emergency Response Team (“CERT”) tends to be insufficient in today’s era. Defense and security establishments have an important role to be played in this 5th dimension of warfare.

Torrid Networks is a registered cyber defense contractor with many defense and security establishments to help them meet the challenges being faced by the agencies. Few major challenges being faced by the security establishments is as below:

  1. Espionage attempts by state-sponsored actors
  2. Hacktivist groups
  3. Anti-social and anti-national elements
  4. Protecting defense systems and information
  5. Quick and efficient incidence response

Often “Offense is the best defense” rule is applied by the security establishments to identify the actors behind the cyber crimes or espionage. To counter the rising threats, agencies require the right skillset, tools and efficient strategy in place. We have worked closely with many global national security and law enforcement agencies to investigate serious and high profile espionage attempts from across the borders. Apart from this, our highly specialized and tailor made training programs for law enforcement, defense and security establishments bring immediate value and help them fight the cyber criminals and state-sponsored attacks. We have equipped many law enforcement and national security agencies across the globe with niche and specialized cyber security products to meet the challenges of the domain.

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