Product Security Testing

Thick-Client Security
December 18, 2013
Information Security in Telecom Business
December 20, 2013

Product security testing has become a rising concern to the companies IT and network teams. The security testing of a product starts with identifying the scope, perceiving the customer expectations and it is followed by testing in multiple phases including test planning, execution and reporting.

Our Methodology

We have the product testing experts who have the wide experience to deal skillfully with the aspects in the product testing. Torrid Networks’ security experts test the product security by imitating various attacks. It helps to identify the loopholes and ensures the client that product/ applications tested by our experts are completely secure.

We perform the test by simulating the customer end scenarios like as testing the application for security perspective. We provide the product security testing that aims to breach the security built for a specified product.

We assess for the security vulnerabilities including Memory Leaks, DOS Attacks, Reverse Engineering, XSS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, etc.

Torrid security analyst helps organizations identifying the security defects during the development phase. It helps to reduce the cost of the testing as it runs with the development phase.

We also provide the actionable remediation guidance that,

  1. Enable developers to resolve the security flaws quickly and efficiently.
  2. Build the security into the development phase that can ensure the product/ application security by reducing the costs and it tends not to get delays anymore for product delivery.
  3. Reduce the risk of security breaches in the production phase or in the field.

Best Practices

Companies have started approaching the IT firms that can assist them verifying the products’ features, quality and security assurance. The functional and non-functional testing helps to ensure the comprehensive security coverage for the product and applications.

Functional Security Testing

Functional security testing is executed by the product QA teams during the product testing cycle. QA engineers verify for implementing the security features as had been specified during the architectural review process.

Security Analysis and Testing

Security analysis and testing helps to identify the level of security against various attacks. Numerous security tests have been put in place to tackle different security concerns.