December 7, 2013
Online Businesses
December 7, 2013

Information Security to E-Commerce Businesses

In today’s globalized age, it has become easy to create, change and convey information. The quick progression of inter-connectivity, if it proves advantageous, it also causes potential damage to individuals and businesses. Businesses who are looking forward to grab the customer market share can go ahead and get their presence online with their online business. However, with the rising trend of e-commerce business, it has become a challenging task to secure the critical business information.

Challenges to E-Commerce Buisnesses

There are some of the prevailing security issues of doing business online and it includes,

  1. Lack of security while communicating or doing transaction online is perceived as one of the major obstacles for e-business.
  2. Authenticating the identity of those people or party to whom your business is dealing with.
  3. Needs to confirm that the received messages or messages you are sending have not been altered.
  4. Make certain that only the authorized body can have access to crucial business information.
  5. It needs to make sure that the essential e-business security infrastructure is always working to secure the business transactions.

Business Trends & Practices

According to a survey, the 3/4th of global information security professionals put security on the top priority. E-commerce businesses from Banking, Finance, Telecommunications and Health Care sector rate the highest business priority to information security. As far as e-commerce is concerned, information security is regarded as the crucial business driver.

Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce businesses globally, the security of these businesses has become paramount. The effective regulatory mechanisms have been laid down in different parts of the world with an aim to build-up the legal infrastructure to ensure the success of e-commerce business.

There are numerous governmental, industry and organizational initiatives that have been put into effect to provide businesses and customers with proper guidance to deal or make transactions online in the secure manner.

India has enacted the IT Act, 2000 and shown that the legal system is tuned-up give the required shield to e-commerce businesses. As the internet is going through the age of revolution, several legal issues start sprouting such as intellectual Property rights, privacy, electronic contracts, online banking, electronic commerce, domain name registration and cyber crime to name a few.

The e-commerce businesses always looking ahead to sort out these legal issues and it requires to approach a professional agency that can assist in handling the information security aspects.

How Torrid Networks Assist

We at Torrid Networks, help the e-commerce businesses to tackle the e-commerce business challenges by providing the appropriate training and information security solutions.

We aim to provide an information security policy that helps to alleviate the information security concerns. Our information security professionals have the expertise to design a Comprehensive Security Policy for each of the e-commerce business.

We tend to perform the risk assessment, devise the risk-management security policy, and then implement & monitor the best e-Business security practices.