Government Departments

December 7, 2013
Policies & Procedures
December 9, 2013

Information security has been put as the topmost priority in Government Departments.

As cyber criminals regularly advancing their techniques, they now focus more on accessing government information and business surveillance rather than the theft of financial information. To combat the cyber crime, governments can collaborate globally an effective threat management model.

Challenges for Government Departments

  • State Sponsored Espionage: It calls to protect the critical/ sensitive data from financially or politically motivated threats
  • Distributed Denial of Service: The Distributed Denial of Service involves the cloud-based attacks that are more severe for information security.
  • Cloud Migration: There are several companies that are migrated to the cloud data infrastructure. The problem in cloud is that it is in the development stage and needs to handle with the proper security solutions.
  • Password Management: Password management is a critical issue that needs to handle wisely. Having a better information security can enable the users to get rid of this severe problem.
  • Insider Threat: Inside threat is a major challenge to deal with. An employee can infuse the harmful malware into the security system to steal the data.

Recent Trends

The Government has launched the Cyber Security Strategy. It has also announced to form a ‘cyber reserve force’ to support the nation’s defense against the cyber crime.

A recent survey on ‘Managing Information Security’ emphasizes on the concerns for information security that government departments are looking at. The government organizations such as PSU’s are seeking to get the enhanced IT security policies to avert from the data failure.

The Government organizations have now started thinking over the information security on the tactical and strategic level.

Accidental Data Failure

Accidental data failure is considered as the major threat to security and 62% of people believe it as the main concern. Due to data loss, Government departments have to face stern financial penalties. The Government Departments and Public Sector Undertaking (PSU’s) have now become aware about the data loss and they need to address it effectively.

When it is to exchange the information with the business partners, Government departments consider the information security as the primary concern and it needs to choose a comprehensive information security system to make the communication secure.

Managing the compliance with the laws and regulations has been an imperative task, the failure of which can cause to serious damage to the brand reputation.

What We Do?

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We have the experts who can assist you to get rid of cyber threats easily. Moreover, we also provide the proactive information security model by which the government departments can keep the sensitive data secure.