Security Infrastructure & Event Management

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December 3, 2013
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December 7, 2013

Security Infrastructure & Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) also said to be the situational awareness that helps you collecting the critical security data from different information system components. SIEM after collecting the data turns it into the useful information. The volume associated with the security log data is growing as the more service systems and component are connected to the organization’s infrastructure. It needs to manage, organize and analyze all the data that helps to gain in-depth insights into events to respond quickly and effectively.

Problems for Implementing SIEM

Many of the organizations are facing the problems in successfully implementing SIEM. Organzations are not capable of fulfilling,

  • Ensure the appropriate protection of sensitive information for your business.
  • Effectively manage the security procedures & operations.
  • Comply with the information security regulatory requirements.

How We Can Help You

Torrid Networks security experts assure you to compile the data from security components and get the analysis so that you can get the security alerts from infrastructure components, including firewalls, servers, applications, anti-virus systems, identity management systems, access manage devices, routers and others.

We help an organization make the successful implementation of the Security Infrastructure & Event Management practices & procedures. It can assist your IT team in detecting the frauds and to track other unusual behavior on security systems and components.

Security Information Management

The Security Information Management (SIM) provides the complete analysis and reporting of the data from host systems and from security devices that can support the regulatory compliance initiatives, security policy compliance management and internal threat management tasks for your business.

Security Event Management

The Security Event Management (SEM) component helps to advance the capabilities for security incident response. Torrid Networks analysts help to process the real time data from network devices, security devices, and systems for the real time event security management.

SIEM functions

The major SIEM functions include,

  • Collect the log data.
  • Compare data with the pre-specified security standards and compliance requirements.
  • Analyze event information to handle the threat management tasks.