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December 9, 2013
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December 9, 2013

Information technology’s ultimate mission is to operate, keep-up and safeguard the company’s telecommunications, core network and data network services to plan, attain, and operate the core productivity software for assuring the robust security for the proper maintenance and utilization of data.

Software licenses is an essential aspect that needs to tackle tactfully and it requires to approach a professional IT audit agency to get the work done. Due to security concerns, it is wise to acquire the software license before you install or download the software/ application.

Companies usually track the software purchases with software license tracker or other similar application.

If an organization knows that there is a licensing issue, it is helpful to engage with a software license audit service provider. It is wise to go for the proactive remediation that can allow an enterprise to choose and implement the license it needs to avoid any penalizing costs.

Software Licenses and Its Types

Software licenses allow an organization to get the individual installation of a product/ software at a particular location.

License Types

User Licenses: These licenses are used to specify that the software you have installed is licensed. For Example, if you acquired 50 user license for a product, you are free to install products to as many computers you manage in a business.

OEM Licenses: These are the licenses that are provided with the computer when you buy it. These licenses actually cost less, but it can be used only on that particular machine.

Site Licenses: It is another common method for software licensing. It helps you to gain as many software licenses that can be used either for a particular location or across the unit.

Proprietary Licenses: These are licenses when a software is being licensed by its publisher and it can also include its Proprietary license management system.


Private monitoring organizations such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, IBM and other gain access to businesses to examine whether the computer systems installed over there have the software applications well licensed.

Business Software Alliance is a software monitoring organization says about the software piracy including illegal end user copying and distribution of software programs. Penalties have been specified for an act of software piracy.

It raises the need that companies are equipped with only the licensed software program/ application.


We carry out the Audit controls for the computer software installation to ensure that each installed software is in compliance with the appropriate licensing requirements.

We conduct the audit test as considered necessary and then provide a License Audits report for all the software installations. We often make use of the industry best practices that ensure to improve the efficiency of the audit.