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December 7, 2013
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December 7, 2013

Gain Competitive Edge with Robust Information Security for Online Businesses

In today’s business world, companies are choosing the online platform to convey their message for their services/ products on offer. Information based communication can give the competitive edge to the businesses. Its full potential can only be realized, when there is an adequate shield being provided so that it can ensure the security of information technology investments.

Challenges for Online Businesses

Businesses which go online to grab the potential customer market share needs to employ IT aspects to give the better customer experience.

  1. The online businesses also have to tackle the potential threats such as data theft, viruses, online scams and information security threats.
  2. Establishing an effective security policy.
  3. Educate your staff on assuring the information security.
  4. Boost computer’s security.
  5. Gain customer’s confidence.

Best Practices for Online Businesses

There are numerous potential threats and an online business entrepreneur needs to be aware of. The internet business owners nowadays follow some of the best practices to ensure the high-end information security assurance.

Businesses nowadays are making more emphasis in securing the desktop computers and laptops. Installing an effective antivirus program is a basic level of security. Internet security suites are also available to boost the security for your business.

Companies nowadays have started to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard to assure their customers that the sensitive information such as personal details, credit or debit card details are in safe hands.

In order to avoid the customer data being stolen, it is essential to ensure that

  1. You have SSL certificate.
  2. Your internet store is equipped with the secured firewalls and its information security can be kept more robust with the Intrusion Detection System.
  3. It needs to ensure that you are scanning your systems for vulnerability check. Vulnerability checking system is there that helps you to identify the problem areas.
  4. You can run the open source vulnerability scan to fix the potential issues.

It would be far better to go for a strong information security program to run your business in a secure manner.

How Torrid Networks Can Help You

At Torrid Networks, we have the expert team of information security personnel who can easily deal with the security issues arising with your online business/ internet store.

On a business level, we help you educate and train your staff related to information security. We help you develop a strong information security program that best suits to your business.