December 9, 2013
December 9, 2013

COBIT – Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology

COBIT is referred as an information management strategy framework. It involves the principles, tools & practices to help the organizations advance in the information and technology management processes. The COBIT framework merges the different models and approaches from diverse IT specialties including International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Information Technology Infrastructure Library and others.

Our Methodology

COBIT framework can be used to ensure the information security, risk management, financial processing, and regulatory compliance for an organization.

We first estimate the need of IT security solutions for your company.

  1. Does the present IT framework support the business?
  2. Does your IT infrastructure adding value for your business?
  3. Whether the IT risks are being mitigated?
  4. Benefits of IT being maximized?

We assist you provide the successful implementation of comprehensive IT governance effectively.

Torrid Networks helps to

  1. Improve IT efficiency
  2. Helps IT to identify the business needs.
  3. Puts practices to cater the business needs in the efficient manner.
  4. Put focus on determining whether IT services have provided the benefits expected as per the business requirements.
  5. Helps develop the fitting organization structures, tools and processes for effective IT management.
  6. Provide the set of globally accepted practices that make ease for business executives, managers and board of directors to boost the significance of IT and risks associated with it.

Benefits of COBIT Framework

The COBIT Framework helps organizations,

  1. Improve and keep-up with the high quality information to take the critical business decisions.
  2. Employ IT to accomplish the pre-specified business goals.
  3. Make use of technology towards promoting the operational excellence.
  4. Make sure that IT risk has been managed effectively.
  5. Ensure higher ROI against the expenses of IT services.
  6. Attain compliance with the existing regulations and contractual agreements.

Best Practices

Major business activities are being affected by IT and it also causes impact to end users. Successful companies prefer to maximize the IT related investments.

The organizations with the effective implementation of IT security framework can gain towards,

  1. Having a clear picture that IT and technology related investments support the business.
  2. Build value for the business with an aim to fulfill the business objectives.

What We Do?

With the help of COBIT framework, we help organizations to reduce associated to IT and capitalize on the benefits of technology investment and ensure the security, privacy and compliance to security regulations.