Data Leakage Prevention

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December 7, 2013
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December 7, 2013

Data Leakage Prevention

Data leak prevention is a set of technologies that aim to reduce the loss of critical information at the organization level. If an organization can make the focus on the location, the information monitoring in motion, at rest and in use, the Data Leakage Prevention solution can be used and prove helpful for organizations in handling and storing the key business information just away from any risk vulnerabilities.

Need for the Proper Data Leakage Prevention

The data leakage protection safeguards the proprietary information from potential and high risk threats arising from the new communication channels, enhanced employee mobility and diverse set of services.

  • In-motion data leakage protection provides the way to recover from the critical data loss through web or e-mail.
  • Developing strategies for comprehensive data leakage protection covering the people, technology and processes.
  • The data leakage protection helps to avert the risk from unauthorized network access, end-user actions and malware activities.
  • It protects at-rest data by performing the tasks for encrypting the storage devices such as backup tapes.

Torrid Networks Methodology

The data leakage prevention is not the easy going task and it needs to successfully implement the Data leak prevention (DLP) technology that assure for the significant and diligent preparation and maintenance of the data storage.

Enterprises who are seeking to implement DLP need to look over some significant efforts to be made and if it can be executed in the appropriate manner, it eliminates the risks for data leakage or data security breaches.

At Torrid Networks, we have the team of information security analysts who are here to assist you in the successful implementation of the DLP technology. We go through the strategic approach that tends to address the security related risks, and its mitigation with the appropriate assurance measures fro data security.

We help organizations in evaluating the risk and obstruct the data loss through high risk scenarios. If an organization has the less centralized structure with the remotely located employees, it raises the need for the appropriate and robust data leakage protection.