Information Security in Telecom Business

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December 19, 2013
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December 21, 2013

Data Security in Telecom Sector

Telecom sector handles the critical personal data of customers and it is essentially significant to mention that managers should make a focus on information security standards and its compliance. Maintain the reputation and brand image is an important asset in the telecom industry. Even minor performance issues and downtimes can lead to irreversible damages to your customer groups. Data leaks to customer billing or other customer data can affect the customer trust & loyalty.

Our Methodology

We aim to replace the unnecessary fears and false accusations with the trust and experience we deliver. Torrid networks security experts help organizations develop & employ the well framed security policies & procedures to address the unique security requirements for an organization. We help the management staff to implement these policies by keeping them updated with the industry-accepted standards, best practices and guidelines. Most Importantly, we help implementing the Information security management system (ISMS) that helps adopting controls to meet the legal and regulatory requirements in the telecom sector. We follow the risk management process that involves the

  1. Identification of risk and the level of the risk involved
  2. Evaluation of Risk: The proper analysis of risk is required. Our IT security experts help you to assessing the risk.
  3. Re-mediate Control Gaps: After implementing the ISMS, we review it through audits to ensure that company is following the appropriate information security standards.
  4. Continuous Monitoring & Reporting: We carry out the in-depth monitoring of the security systems.

Benefits that We offer

Protect the Sensitive Information Assets We help you to ensure who would access the critical data systems inside of your organization. We suggest you to install the activity monitoring appliance that helps to get the controlled access to remote servers, networking devices and virtual desktops. Manage the IT Infrastructure Our IT security professionals enable your IT Infrastructure with the advanced and robust technology. We help you manage the existing IT Infrastructure to enforce the security policies. It can ensure the high end security of personal data of customers and business data as well. Trust in IT Outsourcing Many organizations employ the third parties or external firms to configure and maintain their servers and other IT applications. It requires to look through whether these third parties do not pose any security threats. At Torrid Networks, we provide additional shield and protection to control the access on company data such as customer information, business e-mails, secure servers and much more.