PCQuest features Torrid Networks in its article 10 Ways to Secure Your Website

Trojan Warfare – Hackers are now targeting individuals, Torrid Networks shares with Business Today Magazine
April 27, 2012
Economic Times features Torrid Networks on Industry’s Rising Cyber Security Needs
August 11, 2012

Launching your company’s website or portal is a great idea, but keeping it secure is equally if not more important. Nearly 70% of cyber attacks on the Internet today occur at the web application level. Website defacement by hackers can bring embarrassment to your business and an insecure website infected with malware can put its visitors at high risk of getting compromised.

Applying an SSL certificate to make the website work upon the HTTPS protocol doesn’t provide any protection to the web application because HTTPS merely secures the communication channel so that an intruder can’t read any data traveling between the visitor’s Internet browser and the website. Similarly, the network firewall protects the server on which the website is hosted from external threats and doesn’t provide any kind of security to the website.

PCQuest magazine in its current edition features an article from Torrid Networks on “10 ways to secure your website”.

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