The Pioneer News Quotes Torrid Networks on Cyber Attacks Against India IT Firms

Program Development
March 14, 2013
Information Security Blog Initiative
May 24, 2013

At a time when India’s IT sector is battling an economic slowdown in the Western markets, another and a more dangerous threat to its credibility is looming large. Independent international hackers as well as those working for intelligence agencies, especially from China, have been stealing identities of Indian IT firms and misusing them to hack cyber infrastructure of India’s neighbouring countries with a view to discredit them.

Sources in the security agencies said there have been many such instances where Indian IT firms have been made easy targets by rogue international entities. “Such activities from international cyber hackers are being monitored. We plan to take up these issues at a more appropriate international level,” said a senior intelligence officer.

Cyber security expert and Director at Torrid Networks, Dhruv Soi told The Pioneer, “Strong monitoring of traffic at exits and perimeter security of cyber infrastructure is required to check malicious traffic through the Internet highway. For this, national level coordination between various intelligence and cyber security agencies will have to be put in place. If a problem cannot be monitored, it cannot be controlled.”

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