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The Pioneer News Quotes Torrid Networks on Cyber Attacks Against India IT Firms
May 23, 2013
Network Penetration Testing or Application Security Assessment – Where to start from?
May 26, 2013

About Information Security Blog

Its been on the way but we got flooded with lot of requests coming on social media channels to help penetration testing experts with their queries. Though, majority of requests came up from folks interesting in learning penetration testing. This information security blog is the outcome of such requests and is meant to bring hands-on knowledge from our experts into the information security community.


Torrid Networks has been conducting penetration testing and, application security and other information security training programs for its customers. Since company’s main stream business is not imparting information security training programs so caters selective training requests only.

Usage & Responsibility

This information security blog also includes partial study material and practical exercises from our expert training courses. Readers may feel free to use the material for their personal learning and any commercial usage of the articles in the blog is prohibited without the written permission of the company. The content on this entire website is for learning and/or company’s own commercial interest only and the readers or practitioners will solely be responsible for misusing their knowledge developed from this website.

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In case the articles on this website refers to or includes any text, image, video or any other artifact, the copyright and trademark of any such material shall stay with the original author and company claims no such rights.


Our blog might also include research projects which could be outcome of reverse engineering or analysis of a malware, online resources, understanding malicious side of technology. Our sole intention in any such article will be educating about new threats and their countermeasure without any hidden or malicious intentions.

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