Intrufi – Wireless Interception & Security Auditor

Business Development Manager
January 21, 2016
Intrust – Vulnerability Management Platform
January 26, 2016

Intrufi is an advanced wireless security product to test the state of wireless security in order to meet compliance or regulatory needs and also for lawful interception. Intrufi is the only available wireless security product which offers multiple interfaces to the operator to test the wireless security, perform lawful interception or war driving with end-to-end process automation and reporting. Operator can use the product from its intuitive web based interface build on top of the latest technology stacks to provide memorable web 2.0 experience, at the same time, Intrufi can be operated from its powerful RESTful APIs.

RESTful API interface allows seamless integration into existing wireless technologies and writing quick scripts in the language of choice to automate the workflow as per business requirements. Intrufi comes with GPS integration, per-user geo-graphical views, detailed dashboards, granular role-based permissions, reporting engine to fetch performance reports and lot more. Intrufi also provides offline analysis options to allow operator enjoy the completely automated solution while on the field and later perform offline analysis.

With almost all the known wireless security testing features like cracking wireless passwords, Man-In-The-Middle, on-the-fly traffic injections or modifications, seamless metasploit/beef/exploit integration, Jamming, Fake AP, etc., Intrufi stands distinguished in the league.

Intrufi is also integrated with its server edition to post the captured handshakes for lightening fast cracking, as fast as 1M password guesses per second. Server edition comes with its own GUI and RESTful interface where operator can sync the handshakes and status with the Intrufi devices or may submit custom captured handshakes as well.

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