Intrust – Vulnerability Management Platform

Intrufi – Wireless Interception & Security Auditor
January 26, 2016
UAE companies being targeted by the hackers
February 2, 2016

Intrust is a next generation vulnerability management platform to round-the-clock monitor your information security. Intrust is offered as both cloud an on-premise solution to perform automated penetration testing of the web applications, mobile applications and network devices or servers. Intrust’s powerful visualization empowers detailed view on the risks and vulnerabilities in the network in-line with the industry benchmark and past security trends to help you take informed decisions.

Our vulnerability management platform is well capable of scanning the web applications beyond the authentication pages without any user intervention. Intrust’s mobile security module provide instant report on a mobile application in few minutes. Intrust also allows you to engage our security analysts to prepare PoCs, videos and offer any assistance your team requires to understand the vulnerabilities or mitigation techniques in details. Apart from inbuild scanner, Intrust also allows the hybrid model where our analysts add further value to the penetration testing by launching the attacks manually. Past trend analysis with detailed dashboards, role-based user access and granular reports makes Intrust as a trusted vulnerability management platform for your organization.

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